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  • | Tel: 800 538 4263

Webinar Replay: Learn to Effectively Apply Gamification in the Contact Center


Watch the Webinar Replay

Can gamification really move the needle on motivation and learning in the contact center? 

If so, what goals should we set and what results should we expect? Modern gamification uses digital motivation and engagement automation to drive both learning and employee motivation. Applying it won’t necessarily make agents more competitive, but it will make them more engaged.  

In this webcast we discuss:   

  •  What is gamification and how it is most effectively applied in the contact center  
  •  How it can be used to drive learning outcomes and what their applications are at work 
  •  The benefits of deep gamification mechanics such as engagement automation and "betting on yourself" 

 We will discuss how Microsoft used gamification in its outsourced call centers and the impact it had on facilitating employee learning and improving engagement.  Hear their story as well as additional case studies. 

Dee Nilles, is a contact center expert. Most recently, she was Senior Business Program Manager at Microsoft Consumer Support Services, where she was in charge of strategic and daily operations at multiple call centers, globally. At Microsoft, she managed and deployed key strategic initiatives across global consumer teams such as Gamification programs, Agent Enablement, Supplier support model (No Agent Left Behind Program), and co-creation projects through Making Agents Great Programs.

Roni Floman, VP Marketing at GamEffective, a leading workforce performance gamification company, helping companies engage employees to improve motivation and learning.

About GamEffective:

GamEffective is a leading workforce performance management company, helping companies engage employees to improve performance, motivation and learning. GamEffective supercharges performance and learning through personalized gamification and real time feedback. The GamEffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance and is easily integrated into existing systems. GamEffective's innovative gamification workforce performance platform is used by leading multinationals.