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Driving Retail Sales Performance and Extreme Employee Engagement Levels

Cellular Sales is Verizon's premier retailer in the
United States. It operates more than 700 retail stores
across 39 states in the U.S. with 5000 retail

In Cellular Sale's industry, goals and focus areas are seasonal and dynamic. Engaging, training and focusing employees on the right targets at scale is increasingly difficult.

To address this, Cellular Sales looked for a holistic solution; one that would get employees laser focused on goals, drive behavioral change and most importantly, motivate professional development.

Using Gameffective's platform, Cellular Sales launched the 'Elevate' program. Through the
program, employees are continuously challenged to reach higher levels of sales performance on multiple KPIs such as product mix and cross sales. Achieving these goals awards employees with perks, social status, leadership opportunities and additional compensation.

The results were impressive; including a 75% rise in new activiations, 53% increase in new handset sales and over 50% growth in attachment rates.

 Read the case study to learn how Cellular Sales:

  • Motivated employees with dynamic and personalized goals
  • Radically improved how managers coach and communicate with their teams
  • Were able to roll out changes in goals and targets across hundreds stores in real-time 

Cellular Sales Case Study Graphic