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Getting your WFH employees to love their work, your company, and your clients

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February is also known as the month of love. Months after their shift to working from home, lots of employees still feel isolated, disconnected from their co-workers, and company. Quite likely, they pass that feeling to the customers their deal with daily. They probably fell out of love with their jobs. You can have them feel that love again.

To learn how to do that, join the discussion on our live panel with CX Gurus Nate Brown, Dennis Snow, Luke Jamieson, and Erica Mancuso. During the event we'll share tips, ideas and insights on:

  • The unique challenge of keeping WFH employees engaged and aligned
  • How to keep WFH employees aligned to your brand and delivering on its promise
  • Avoiding early attrition by building an emotional connection from day one
  • Helping frontline managers be better coaches in a remote setting
  • Ensuring employee wellbeing and avoiding burnout 

Join us for a fun, educational discussion and bring the love back home.



Nate Brown

Officium Labs

Chief Experience Officer

Erica M

Erica Mancuso


Director, Offer Management


Luke Jamieson


Regional Director ANZ


Dennis Snow

Snow & Associates



Watch the recording