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Webinar Replay: Why Gamification and Digital Motivation Matter for the Workplace, and How


Watch the Webinar Replay

Understanding Gamification and how it applies to employee learning and Motivation

The World of HR Software is changing, both on the performance management, engagement and motivation side, as well as for learning. The core of this change is about using HR software that isn’t only focused on enabling HR professionals and processes, but has a strong focus on employee engagement and motivation. 

Our lives are changing: we are constantly conditioned by the dopamine rush from recognition and online social interactions. Can we truly use feedback, social recognition, gamification and more to change how employees are motivated to work and learn? And if this is true, what does this require of the workplace – a game at work? Or is this more like a fitness tracker at work? Does “classic” gamification, using a competitive focus, really motivate employees? Or is an altogether different approach needed? 

In this webinar we will provide real-life case studies and examples of how gamification is used at work, in which industries, and how it drives motivation and learning. We’ll speak about the underlying behavioral psychology as well as take you through a detailed explanation of the best practices and realities of implementing them. We will show what gamification looks like from the employee’s point of view, the manager’s point of view and how it affects company culture. 

About GamEffective:

GamEffective is a leading workforce performance management company, helping companies engage employees to improve performance, motivation and learning. GamEffective supercharges performance and learning through personalized gamification and real time feedback. The GamEffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance and is easily integrated into existing systems. GamEffective's innovative gamification workforce performance platform is used by leading multinationals.