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Webinar Replay: A Practical Approach to Maximizing the Effectiveness of Microlearning with Gamification


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How Can Using a gamified microlearning Approach drive continuous learning engagement and on-the-job application

Microlearning is one of the hottest subjects in the Learning and Development world today. But, the problem is that simply chopping up content into bite-sized chunks is not enough. Using game mechanics to drive microlearning engagement has been suggested as one of the key methods to maximize the effectiveness of microlearning. But, companies are still struggling to figure out where it fits and how it can be applied.

In this expert series webinar we discuss:

  • How microlearning can be adapted in real-time based on performance and knowledge to boost organizational results
  • What gamified microlearning looks like and how it can be applied in practice
  • What are the different use cases and scenarios where gamified microlearning can be applied to drive business results
  • Why push microlearning is useful and effective for maximizing the impact of learning
Eyal Ronen, A Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dr. Ronen has been focusing on the training and development world for more than two decades. In recent years he has taken a path that investigates and reinforces the human-machine interface to ensure superior e-learning efficacy. An award-winning professor, an international speaker, and a true Learning Evangelist, Eyal brings a practical approach even to the most academic topics.

About GamEffective:

GamEffective is a leading workforce performance management company, helping companies engage employees to improve performance, motivation and learning. GamEffective supercharges performance and learning through personalized gamification and real time feedback. The GamEffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance and is easily integrated into existing systems. GamEffective's innovative gamification workforce performance platform is used by leading multinationals.