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How Microsoft Used Gamification to Boost Performance, Skills and Communication for Thousands of Agents

Read this Frost & Sullivan case study about how Microsoft's Consumer Support Services - with its global network of support centers and thousands of agents - used digital motivation to drive agent performance and learning.

Microsoft wanted new ways to recognize and reward agents while increasing their productivity. The
focus was to change behaviors, develop skills, encourage sales, and drive outcomes.
Additionally, Microsoft had multiple ways to communicate with its agents on emerging issues and to measure compliance with the company’s metrics and policies. Read the case study to learn how Microsoft:

  • Used gamification to communicate performance goals across thousands of agents in multiple locations
  • Drove agent performance with rewards, to change behvaiours and business outcomes
  • Used on-the-job learning for better training and knowledge retention

The case study is an excerpt of Frost & Sullivan's 'Enhacing Omnichannel Agent Productivity' Report, discussing digital motivation in call centers.

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