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Free Guide: Next Generation Learning Delivery: Using Engagement Automation & Triggers for Personalized Learning

Everyone knows that adaptive or personalized learning is better. It’s stating the obvious. Where things get trickier is how to do that on a large scale without getting into a technology, content and implementation trap.

Yet microlearning engagement platforms are setting their sights on just that: personalized learning that engages learners and is delivered at scale, resulting in real performance improvements.

 What if we could automate learning delivery, personalization and coaching, reaping the benefits of engaging and relevant learning? What if the main input we’d use for this automation would be data about actual learner performance? 
What if we could do this without getting into complex and overwhelming implementation and technology challenge? We can.

This free guide will explain the basics of elearning engagement automation, explaining how to: 

  • Deliver accurate retrieval practice and learning repetition
  • Trigger learning based on knowledge gaps & confidence levels
  • Deliver personalized learning feedback and enroll in new learning paths
  • Deliver superior performance support

 All in all, engaging learners with the right learning at the right time. 

To get your hands on this guide, let us know who you are by filling the form to the left. We will then send you the pdf right away.


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