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Webinar: Sustain to Retain: How to insure your gamification activities' sustained success


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sEE TO IT THAT your gamification project REMAINS relevant and successful

A successful gamification project is one that sustains success over time, regardless of internal obstacles or a changing technological landscape. 

However, insuring your gamified-project remains effective and relevant within your company is a project within itself.

During this session we provided the necessary tools you will require to insure your gamification project remains impactful over time. We showed how active monitoring is key to seeing your gamification plan sustains success; and how gamifcation must be connected to a larger plan in order for it to become part of your organization. Lastly, we reviewed ways in which you should plan to modify your gamified-project to fit constantly-shifting organizational and technological demands.

This webinar is the fifth installment of a 6-episode series that takes listeners from conceptualization to implementation and optimization of employee-focused gamification projects that generate business-impact. To watch a recording of earlier episodes, click here.
About The Speaker:
The webinar features Karl Kapp,Ed.D, professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University. Having worked with organizations such as AICPA, Apple, Black & Decker, Genentech, KPMG, L’Oreal, Sovereign Bank, and US Intelligence agencies, Mr. Kapp is uniquely positioned to lecture on gamification. Additionally, Mr. Kapp  is a TEDx speaker and an the author of a number of best-selling books.


About GamEffective:

Gameffective is an Employee-centric Performance Acceleration Platform – the “fitness tracker” for the Connected Workforce of the Future.  Gameffective empowers employees to boost their work performance through hyper-personalized goals, real time tracking and data-driven feedback and coaching. Deployed with the world’s leading organizations Gameffective helps managers drive up employee value day by day. To find out how Gameffective can help transform your organization go to www.gameffective.com or book a live demo.